WATER: Dataset of forest structure parameter survey at the super site around the Dayekou Guantan Forest Station
WATER: Dataset of forest structure parameter survey at the super site around the Dayekou Guantan Forest Station

The data set mainly includes observation data of each tree in the super site, and the observation time is from June 2, 2008 to June 10, 2008. The super site is set around the Dayekou Guantan Forest Station. Since the size of the super site is 100m×100m, in order to facilitate the forest structure parameter survey, the super site is divided into 16 sub-sample sites, and tally forest measurement is performed in units of sub-samples. The tally forest measurement factors include: diameter, tree height, height under branch, crown width in transversal slope direction, crown width in up and down slope direction, and tindividual tree growth status. The measuring instruments are mainly: tape, diameter scale, laser altimeter, ultrasonic altimeter, range pole and compass. The data set also records the center point latitude and longitude coordinates of 16 sub-samples (measured by Z-MAX DGPS). The data set can be used for verification of remote sensing forest structure parameter extraction algorithm. The data set, together with other observation data of the super site, can be used for reconstruction of forest 3D scenes, establishment of active and passive remote sensing mechanism models, and simulation of remote sensing images,etc.

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Liang, D., Luo, L. (2012). < b>WATER: Dataset of forest structure parameter survey at the super site around the Dayekou Guantan Forest Station</b>2012. doi: 10.3972/water973.0047.db. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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