WATER: EO-1 Hyperion dataset
WATER: EO-1 Hyperion dataset

Eo-1 (Earth Observing Mission) is a new Earth Observing satellite developed by NASA to replace Landsat7 in the 21st century. It was launched on November 21, 2000.The orbit of eo-1 satellite is basically the same as that of Landsat7, which is a solar synchronous orbit with an orbital altitude of 705km and an inclination Angle of 98.7°, which is 1min less than that of Landsat7 and crosses the equator.On board of EO 1 3 kinds of sensors, namely, the Advanced Land Imager (ALI (the Advanced Land Imager), atmospheric correction instrument AC (Atmosp heric Corrector) and compose a specular as spectrometer (Hyperion), Hyperion sensor is first spaceborne hyperspectral mapping measurement instrument, the hyperspectral data a total of 242 bands, spectral range is 400 ~ 2500 nm, spectral resolution up to 10 nm, ground resolution of 30 m.

Currently, there are 6 scenes of eo-1 Hyperion data in heihe river basin.The coverage and acquisition time were: 4 scenes in the encrypted observation area of zhangye urban area + yingke oasis encrypted observation area (2007-09-10, 2008-05-12, 2008-05-20, 2008-07-15).Two scenes of the iceditch watershed observation area were encrypted, the time was 2008-03-17, 2008-03-22, respectively.

Product grade is L1 without geometric correction.

The eo-1 Hyperion remote sensing data set of heihe integrated remote sensing joint experiment was acquired by researcher wang jian and Beijing normal university through purchase.

(note: "+" represents simultaneous coverage)

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