Albedo dataset in 30m-resolution in the Heihe River basin (2012)
Albedo dataset in 30m-resolution in the Heihe River basin (2012)

Used in environment and mitigation of small satellite constellation 30 m image of CCD sensor, after scaling, geometric correction and based on the Angle of the top of the atmosphere apparent reflectance grid regression (presents Bin) inversion algorithm inversion of surface shortwave albedo, choose the image Mosaic of cloud cover at least a month again become full of heihe river basin albedo distribution, projection method for UTM projection, the spatial resolution of 30 meters, time and frequency of 1 per month.The data file contains two bands, namely the black-sky albedo of local noon and the white-sky albedo corresponding to the solar Angle at the local noon, which are stored in the form of a short integer with a scaling factor of 0.0001.

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File name: the data is stored in rastrate raw format, the file name "ALBEDO_HJCCD_AB2_30_HEIHE_yyyymm", where yyyy represents the year and mm represents the month, for example, albedo_hjccd_ab2_30_heihe_201201.raw represents the surface albedo data of January 2012.</p><p>Data reading: Arcgis, Envi and other remote sensing software can be used to open and read.

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Related Literatures:

1. Qu, Y., Q. Liu, S. L. Liang, L. Z. Wang, N. F. Liu & S. H. Liu (2013). Direct-estimation algorithm for mapping daily land-surface broadband albedo from MODIS data. IEEE. Trans. on Geos. and Remote Sens., doi:10.1109/TGRS.2013.2245670.(View Details)

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Liu, Q. (2015). < b>Albedo dataset in 30m-resolution in the Heihe River basin (2012)</b>2015. doi: 10.3972/heihe.001.2014.db. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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References literature

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