Ground water level dataset in Hulugou sub-basin of Heihe River Basin (2013)
Ground water level dataset in Hulugou sub-basin of Heihe River Basin (2013)

1. Data overview:

This data set is the groundwater level data of qilian station from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013.Well no. 1 is located at the side of the general controlled hydrologic section of the cucurbitou basin, with a depth of 12.8m and an aperture of 12cm.The second well is located to the east of the delta about 100m away from the river. The depth of the well is 14.7m and the aperture is 12cm.

2. Data content:

U20-hobo water level sensor is installed in the underground well, which is mainly used to monitor the groundwater level changes in the small gourgou watershed. The data are daily scale data.

3. Space and time range:

Geographical coordinates of well no. 1: longitude: longitude: 99° 53’e;Latitude: 38°16 'N;Elevation: 2974m (near the hydrological section at the outlet of the basin).

Geographical coordinates of well no. 2: longitude: 99° 52’e;Latitude: 38°15 'N;Altitude: 3204.1m (east of the eastern branch of the delta).

Copyright & License

Data file name: 2013 groundwater level data set of hulugou basin. Xlsx; it can be viewed and edited by WPS or excel.

Data Citations
Related Literatures:

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Cite as:

Chen, R. (2015). < b>Ground water level dataset in Hulugou sub-basin of Heihe River Basin (2013)</b>2015. doi: 10.3972/heihe.300.2015.db. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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