Data of distribution of desert for the Heihe River Basin
Data of distribution of desert for the Heihe River Basin

This data set is a subset of 1:100000 desert spatial data in China. The 1:100000 desert spatial data set in China reflects the geographical distribution, area size, mobility and fixation degree of deserts in China. Taking the TM image of 2000 as the information source, on the basis of the coverage of the national land use map and the TM digital image information of 2000, this paper interprets, extracts, revises, and maps the sand, sand and Gravel Gobi in China by using remote sensing and geographic information system technology combined with the mapping requirements of 1:100000 scale thematic map.

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Wang, J. (2013). < b>Data of distribution of desert for the Heihe River Basin</b>2013. doi: 10.3972/westdc.006.2013.db.heihe. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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