The data of photosynthetic organ level gas exchange measurements of desert plants (2011)
The data of photosynthetic organ level gas exchange measurements of desert plants (2011)

In the middle of July, 2011, 1. Elaeagnus angustifolia, 2. Blister.

Using Li-6400 portable photosynthesis system (li-cor, USA) and li-3100 leaf area meter, the photosynthetic physiological characteristics of desert plants were observed.

The symbols in the observation data have the following meanings:

Obs, number of observations;Photo, net photosynthetic rate, moles of CO2 times m minus 2 times s minus 1;

Cond, stomatal conductance, mol H2O•m -- 2•s -- 1;Ci, intercellular CO2 concentration, moles of CO2 times mol-1;

Trmmol, transpiration rate, mmol H2O•m -- 2•s -- 1;Vpdl, water vapor pressure deficit, kPa;

Area, leaf Area, cm2;Tair, atmospheric temperature, ℃;

Tleaf, leaf surface temperature, ℃;CO2R, CO2 concentration in the reference chamber, moles of CO2•mol-1;

CO2S, sample chamber CO2 concentration, moles of CO2•mol-1;H2OR, water in the reference chamber, mmol H2O•mol-1;

H2OS, sample chamber moisture, mmol H2O•mol-1;PARo, photon flux density, mole •m -- 2•s -- 1;

Rh-r, reference room air relative humidity, %;Rh-s, relative humidity of air in sample room, %;

PARi, photosynthetic effective radiation, moles •m -- 2•s -- 1;Press, atmospheric pressure, kPa;

Others are the state parameters of the instrument at the time of measurement.

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Data file name: 2011 - measurement data of horizontal gas exchange in photosynthetic organs of desert plants. XLS; it can be viewed and edited by WPS or excel.

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Related Literatures:

1. Gao, S., Su, P.X., & Yan, Q.D. (2011). Canopy and leaf gas exchange of Haloxylon ammodendron under different soil moisture regimes. Science China Life Science, 41(03): 226-237.(View Details)

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Su, P. (2013). < b>The data of photosynthetic organ level gas exchange measurements of desert plants (2011)</b>2013. doi: 10.3972/heihe.082.2013.db. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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References literature

1.Su, P.X., Yan, Q.D., Xie, T.T., Zhou,Z.J., & Gao, S. (2012). Associated growth of C3 and C4 desert plants helps the C3 species at the cost of the C4 species. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, 34(6), 2057-2068. (View Details )

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