Desert and glaciers of the Heihe River Basin
Desert and glaciers of the Heihe River Basin

"Heihe River Basin Ecological hydrological comprehensive atlas" is supported by the key project of Heihe River Basin Ecological hydrological process integration research. It aims at data arrangement and service of Heihe River Basin Ecological hydrological process integration research. The atlas will provide researchers with a comprehensive and detailed background introduction and basic data set of Heihe River Basin.

The desert (sand land) and glacier map of Heihe River Basin is one of the land surface part of the atlas, with scale of 1:2500000, positive axis isometric conic projection and standard latitude of 25 47 n.

Data source: Glacier distribution data of Heihe River Basin Based on the first glacial catalogue, desert (sand) distribution data of 1:100000 Heihe River Basin, road data of 2010 Heihe River Basin, administrative boundary data of 1 million Heihe River Basin in 2008, residential area data of 2009 Heihe River Basin, and 100000 river flow data in 2009.

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Wang, J., Zhao, J., Wang, X. (2013). < b>Desert and glaciers of the Heihe River Basin</b>2013. doi: 10.3972/heihe.041.2013.db. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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